Excellent quality, price and turnaround times.
6 in-lab days for crown and bridge; 1-4 days for removables.

Crown and Bridge

Our state of the art milling system allows us to use the latest in materials with amazing digital accuracy and speed.

Implants and Digital

Experienced in all aspects of implant technology for whichever restoration fits your patient, whether it’s single units, full arch or hybrid denture.


Let our Orthodontic department make all your appliances. Have a scanner? We can even make your cases on our digital models.

Partial Denture

The esthetics of our complete dentures and our cast frameworks will please even the most discerning patients.

About Us

About Us

Dental Crafts Lab., Inc. has been in business at 2113 E Front Street in Tyler, Texas for 40 years. The lab is full service and fully digital including crown and...

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What our clients have to say

Dr. Pannell and his staff highly recommend Dental Crafts Lab. 25 years plus of great service.

Dr. Pannell Dentist